A baggy pants Dogg story

The American rap icon, the multi-talented Snoop Dogg, is probably the biggest name playing at Tivoli this year as part of their Friday Rock series, which offers its visitors the chance to see some pretty big names (like Belle & Sebastian, July 31) for the price of a 95 kroner entry ticket.

Snoop Dogg, an old-stager compared to most in the rap business, started his professional career in 1992 (earlier career paths saw him selling cannabis to Cameron Diaz at high school), when he was discovered and featured by none other than Dr Dre.

Since then Snoop has sold more than 35 million albums worldwide and worked with most of the big names in the rap and music business.

Luckily, Snoop is not sick of the industry yet and is still trying out different styles, collaborations and a handful of different stage names.

In 2012, after a trip to Jamaica and becoming influenced by the Rastafari movement, which he supports, he released a successful reggae album under the new pseudonym of Snoop Lion.

In 2015, Snoop returned to hip-hop and has since released his 13th (!) studio album with the help of Pharrell Williams.

Having these two creatives working together on a record should was always going to produce something special and Bush has received good feedback.

According to critics, Bush is “made for hydraulic cars and throbbing dancefloors”, and it will surely rock Tivoli ‘doggystyle’ and invite those present to rap and sing along and “drop it like it’s hot”.