Norwegian tourists spend big in Denmark

Numbers of tourists from the north continues to grow

Norwegians love to holiday in Denmark, and the numbers of northern tourists has been growing over the last five years.

“We have a great time in Denmark,” Ove Johannesen told DR Nyheder. “We are making the same rounds as last time; Legoland, Givskud Zoo and perhaps Lalandia og Djurs Sommerland.”

Johannesen said that he and his family enjoy Denmark’s beaches, coastlines and amusements,

In 2010, Norwegians made 2.2 million overnight stays in Denmark. Last year, that figure was up to 2.5 million.

High rollers
Herold Thorkild Jensen, the owner of Saksild Strand Camping in east Jutland, welcomes the Norwegian visitors.

“They are good guests,” Jensen told DR Nyheder. “Norwegians rarely ask about price, they just pay.”

Flemming Bruhn, the head of VisitDenmark, said that Norwegians keep their wallets open while they are in town.

“Norwegians actually spend more money than most other tourists in Denmark,” said Bruhn. “They spend an average of 1,000 kroner per day.

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Last year, Norwegian tourists spent 5.8 billion kroner in Denmark.