Petrol prices up

More petrol vehicles are on the road than ever, but that doesn’t mean the price at the pump is going down

As of today, a tank of petrol will cost 2.30 kroner per litre more than diesel. Even though there has been an increase in sales of petrol cars, it is not driving the price of fuel down.

The pump price of a litre of 95 octane petrol today is 11.59 kroner. A litre of diesel will 9.29 kroner.

On this same day a year ago, the difference in price between diesel and petrol was only 1.58 kroner.

Diesel cheaper in the summer
“There is a traditional difference between petrol and diesel prices in summer and winter,” Peter Rasmussen, fuel head of Statoil told DR Nyheder. “During the winter heating season diesel is more expensive because it is more or less the same product as heating oil. In summer, when motorists drive more the price of petrol goes up.”

Rasmussen said that four or five years ago, diesel cars were more popular, but a shift to lower petrol-consuming vehicles has led to an increasing demand for petrol, creating what he called “imbalances”.

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Europe has increased imports of diesel from Russia, creating an oversupply of diesel, making the fuel much less expensive than petrol.