New bomb blast shakes Malmö

Swedish town rattled by new explosion overnight

A bomb placed under a car on a Malmö street at 3:15 this morning. According to the Swedish newspaper SVT, several citizens contacted police.

“I woke up at what sounded a bang, and heard a neighbour on the balcony saying, ‘Something happened,’” one resident told SVT.

No injuries were reported, but cars were damaged and one resident said his home had been damaged.

The explosion is the latest in a series of bombings and other violent acts that have occurred in Malmö this summer. On Tuesday night, a person was injured in an explosion from a grenade, last Friday a car bomb was detonated and on 13 July a hand grenade was thrown in the city.

“We can not say if there is a connection between the cases, but it’s obviously something we’re looking at,” Kim Hild, information officer for Malmö police told SVT.

Gang related
Authorities continue to investigate but there have been no arrests in the case.

Malmö has also been plagued by violent gang fights in recent months. The unrest began on 7 June when shots were fired at a witness in a trial. One of the gangs wanted to silence the witness they thought would betray them to the police.

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For several years the violence in Malmö  has been attributed to two groups from the Balkans. That showdown ended with a killing earlier this year. The current spate of violence is not linked to any known groups and appears to be random and disorganised.