Bottlenose dolphins spotted near Funen

First sighting of playful creatures in Danish waters in 145 years

Two bottlenose dolphins have been spotted by sailors at the mouth of Odense Fjord. It is the first time in over 145 years that dolphins have been seen off the coast of Funen. One biologist said that they might hang around for awhile.

“They are very adaptable, so they have every chance of doing well,” biologist Carl Christian Kinze told DR Fyn. “Now the we have evidence, they could stay for months.”

A taste of diversity
A video taken of the dolphins show them playing around a boat in the fjord. They are most likely the same two animals seen near Aarhus for about 3 weeks ago.

Bottlenose dolphins usually stay in warmer waters further south.

“It’s a little extra taste  of diversity, and it’s always exciting,” said Kinze.