DMI warning of dangerous weekend weather in Jutland and Funen

Very heavy rain could create dangerous conditions in parts of the country tomorrow

A deep low pressure system will move into Denmark from the southwest tomorrow.

Large parts of Jutland and Funen will be hit by heavy rain tomorrow. DMI warns that up to 50 millimetres of rain could fall in as little as six hours. Such heavy rains could result in flooded basements, high water on roads and flooding in low-lying areas.

The rain will be accompanied by high winds in some areas.

Umbrellas, boots…maybe a tarp to hide under
While the heaviest rain should be confined to southern Jutland and Funen, but most of the country could get a drenching. Zealand should be relatively unscathed, but Bornholmers can expect a wet Saturday.

The rainy summer weather is the result of cold air over Denmark will be met by warm air moving in from the south creating a low pressure system.

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Things should start to clear up by Sunday.