Young people confused by glut of continuing education choices

Too much of a good thing, say educators

The number of continuing education choices offered to students, 843 at last count, is making it hard for students to make a coherent choice.

A number of the choices offer the same content under completely different names, creating even more confusion.

“There is a need for students to get more information so they can have an overview of the possibilities,” Klaus Rose, president of the students association at Syddanske university to DR Nyheder.

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Educators say that future students may actually have too many different programs to choose from.

“I think that there is a lot of education chose between,” said Torben Theilgaard from Studievalg Copenhagen.

Same programs, different names
Theilgaard said that many of the programs are similar. Educational institutions receive payment from the state each time a student completes a course, creating the incentive to incorporate as many courses as possible.

“The problem is that various universities are struggling for students and money,” said Rose.

Universities often market the same programs under different titles in an attempt to appeal to the students.

“Universities should streamline educational names so students can figure out which programs offer the same content that could lead to the same type of employment,” said Rose.