Anti-uranium rally in Copenhagen

Small crowd join politicians at Nytorv

About 80 protestors joined Chemnitz Larsen (IA), Greenland’s representative at parliament, at Nytorv in Copenhagen today to protest against uranium mining in Greenland.

“Greenland needs success stories in the mining industry to attract more investors and new projects,” said Larsen.

“But more importantly, we have a responsibility not to think short-term and not to let short-term economic interests come before the interests of humanity or health or our beautiful countryside.”

Alternative support
Rasmus Nordqvist, a newly-elected Alternativet MP, joined Larsen in expressing doubts about uranium mining.

“I am happy to be here today to express Alternativet’s support for continuing Greenland’s history of saying ‘no’ to uranium mining,” said Nordqvist.

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“The uranium path is fraught with danger and in our view runs counter to the sustainable direction that Alternativet wants for Denmark and the entire international community.”