Parliament election on Faroe Islands announced

Since his disputed statement to the National Assembly, the current PM has been under strong political pressure

Kaj Leo Holm Johannesen, the prime minister of the Faroe Islands, has announced that the country’s next general election will take place on September 1.

The leader of the Faroese government has long been under political pressure after being accused of lying to the National Assembly.

The alleged lies relate to the construction of an undersea tunnel, which was investigated by the country’s former ombudsman, Hans Gammeltoft-Hansen.

Under pressure for lying
In his report, Gammeltoft-Hansen concluded that Johannesen provided the parliament with false information.

While the ombudsman did not consider the case so serious that the prime minister could be impeached, it still cast Johannesen in a bad light.

“It is best for all parties to clear the air and let the people have their say,” commented Magni Arge, a representative for the republican party Tjóðveldi.

Political observers believe the reception of Syrian refugees is likely to be one of the important issues in the election campaign.