Most Danes want to pay only for TV channels they watch

Almost half of the Danish population uses streaming services

A survey carried out for Jyllands-Posten shows that most Danes would choose to opt out of some of DR’s TV channels to save money on the media licence subscription.

If it was possible, 62.8 percent of the population would prefer to only pay for the TV channels they actually watch instead of paying for the whole package provided by the national broadcaster.

Netflix and other attractive options
“It is a natural development at a time when television media is changing rapidly,” contended Claus Bülow Christensen, a digital analyst and development director at Zibra Digital Media Group.

“This is a time, with Netflix also on the market, when television consumers can for the first time choose alternatives to the old ways of watching TV. With so many good offers available, people naturally move away from the ‘good old’.”

According to the survey, 40 percent of Danes use streaming services.

Now discussed by politicians
The public media subscription was a hot topic during the general election campaign.

While Liberal Alliance and Dansk Folkeparti proposed that viewers only pay for what they use, Radikale, Socialdemokraterne and SF prefer to maintain the current licensing model.