Back to school: Real world re-entry

As the holiday season winds down, preparation is the key to transitioning back to the everyday

The sun is finally shining and the weather is fabulous, so that can only mean that the Danish holiday season is nearly over.

Soon, early morning alarms will signal grumpy school kids and dazed parents that it is time to get back to the daily grind. After a summer of kids playing Minecraft for hours on end and parents lounging in bed for a second cup of coffee, the transition can be messy.

“Preparation is a good thing,” Else Guldager, a nurse specialising in wellness told DR Nyheder.

“Now, when there are still a few extra hours in the day, is the best time to ensure that things like lunch boxes, raincoats and rubber boots are in order.”

A job for everyone
Guldager said that assigning each member of the family a specific task or two will help everyone survive the upcoming morning rushes.

“Parents (and older children) can review what each morning holds; who has to be where and who is going to do what job to help everyone get out of the door,” she said.

Plans should also be set for who is dropping off and retrieving the children, including emergencies like a little one falling ill while at school or having a last minute recital practise pop up.

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Guldager recommended a dry run to and from school for those children getting ready to attempt it for themselves for the first time, either on foot or by bike.

“It’s a good thing to take it slow, so you are satisfied that they not only know the way, but are comfortable in traffic,” she said.