Dansk Folkeparti wants to abolish beer tax

Politicians want to put a full-stop to buying cheap beer across the border with Germany

Dansk Folkeparti  (DF) wants to remove the tax on beer, so local merchants can match the low German prices as record numbers of Danes shop for their alcohol in Germany.

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The party is also considering lowering or removing the tax on wine and spirits.

Currently, Danish beer tax is four times higher than in Germany, while the liquor tax is 62 percent higher.

Venstre agrees
The government parties are open to DF’s suggestion.

“We must do everything possible to limit the extent of this development,” Louise Schack Elholm, the tax spokeswoman for Venstre, told DR Syd.

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May not make a difference
However, when the former Danish government lowered the beer tax by 15 percent two years ago, the shops did not significantly reduce their prices.

Besides, if the government removes the beer tax, it would have to remove or lower the wine tax as well, as EU legislation stipulates that taxes on beer and wine should not differ too much.

The Danish state earns 900 million kroner a year from the beer tax, according to, Mads Lundby Hansen, the chief economist of the think-tank Cepos.