Denmark’s bouncing back!

Topless women have become an increasingly rare sight on Danish beaches – not long ago it was one of the attractions tourists raved about

A recent Megafon poll conducted for Politiken and TV2 revealed that 85 percent of Danish women never or rarely go topless at the beach these days, a massive increase from just a few years ago. And two Danish women have clearly had enough!

Marie Lynge Madsen and Ea Elmer are hosting an event at Svanemøllen Beach in Østerbro today from 15:00-18:00 where women – and anyone else – can show up and show their exposed top half (or not) and dance to DJ music and enjoy good food and a party atmosphere.

“There is no particular reason for the event,” the women wrote on their Facebook page. “Personal reasons, political reasons, feminist reasons. They’re just boobs!”

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TV 2 columnist Charlotte Højlund wrote an article last month that was part of the inspiration behind the event.

“I miss seeing other people’s bare breasts, so I don’t feel I’m doing anything wrong when I refuse to be cowled by current trends and toss away my own top,” wrote Højlund. “But hey, I’m a child of the ’70s.”

All boobs welcome
The organisers stress that everyone is invited to today’s boob-in, whether they have large or small breasts, sagging breasts or even man boobs.

“Invite everyone you know: friends, girlfriends, parents, siblings, colleagues, neighbours, lovers, children, your cashier, your weekend flirt … everyone!”

They also encourage those who do not want to go topless to turn up.

“We have heard from women who love the idea but do not want to go topless themselves – we say, come anyway! Maybe you’ll decide to bare your breasts once you get here, maybe you won’t.”