Enhedslisten wants to raise residential parking costs in Copenhagen five-fold

Lucie Rychla
August 6th, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Led by the city’s deputy mayor for technical and environmental issues, the party wants to tackle congestion in the capital

Enhedslisten proposes increasing the price of so-called residential parking permits in Copenhagen from 730 to 3,500 kroner by 2018.

The political party also suggests increasing the payment for hourly parking in the city’s red zone, as well as in large parking areas with 700 parking spots, to 38 kroner.

Reducing congestion
According to Morten Kabell (Enhedslisten), the deputy mayor for technical and environmental issues, the significant price rise is aimed at reducing congestion in the capital and financing new parking facilities.

“Congestion in the capital will double by 2025 if we do not invest in good alternatives to cars and if we don’t regulate people’s behaviour by increasing parking and road user prices,” stated Kabell.

Hard to find support
However, Enhedslisten will have difficulty finding a political majority for its proposal as several parties, including their natural allies Socialdemokraterne, SF and Radikale, have have already announced they won’t support such a high price rise.

“I can definitely say that we won’t support a five-fold price increase of parking permits,” Jakob Hougaard, a representative of Socialdemokraterne, told P4 København.


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