Crowd crush averted at Kim Larsen’s concert at Smukfest

Organisers underestimated singer’s popularity as too many people pushed themselves to the front of the small stage

Popular Danish rock musician Kim Larsen had to break off his concert performance on Rytmescenen at Smukfest festival on Thursday evening for safety reasons after too many people pushed themselves towards the front of the stage.

The festival’s security found it necessary to interrupt the concert. No injuries were reported.

Still hugely popular
The organisers of Smukfest have promised to investigate the incident, admitting they might have underestimated Larsen’s popularity when choosing the smaller stage for his concert.

Larsen became popular in the 70s when he formed Gasolin’, one of the most successful Danish rock bands.

His last solo album, ‘Du glade verden’, was released in 2002.

The Smukfest festival is currently taking place in Skanderborg, south of Aarhus, until Sunday August 9.