Sit down, Barbie

Young singer has the highest US chart position achieved by a Dane in half a century

‘Lean On’, a song by MØ, has hit number six on the prestigious US Billboard Hot 100 list. That gives the 26-year-old singer Danish singer (real name: Karen Marie Ørsted) the highest ranking of a Dane on the chart since Jørgen Ingmann hit number two with ‘Apache’ in 1961.

MØ’s jump into the top ten places her higher than Aqua’s iconic 1997 hit ‘Barbie Girl’.

A massive hit
By any measure, ‘Lean On’ is a massive hit. It has been streamed more than 325 million times on Spotify. The 2.3 million daily viewings make it the service’s most streamed number.

“I’ve had good reactions before, but when I play ‘Lean On’ right now, people go crazy,” MØ told “I am proud, honoured and happy to have a worldwide hit.”

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MØ broke through in 2013 when she won the Stjernedryspris. Since then, the Odense native has enjoyed a sold-out US tour and won four Danish Music Awards.

Watch the video for ‘Lean On’.