Out and About: Captivation the Copenhagen curious with confetti, converted waste and cyborg


Art, music and technology blended during this freakish and cool weekend at Trailer Park Festival. Copenhagen Skatepark was built up into a trailer city, where artists used the trailers as their own canvas to create unique exhibitions for this occasion.

The exhibitions included ‘Endless Youth’ by Spanish artist Pablo Serret De Ena, where festival-goers played like kids with confetti, staying forever young; Richard Colman’s (US artist) trailer and design of the Rebel stage, which looked like an acid journey with an insane colorful palette; ‘The Lost Object’ by Hyland Mather (also from the US), where he manages to convert waste material into art; and a woman, Sicilia Gadborg, who lived in a trailer for the duration of the festival where special encounters took place with the curious who approached.

This year the festival introduced a new initiative on Friday: ‘Input/Output’, where it was proved we can do art through technology.

A series of talks took place, including a total bombardment by Nelly Ben Hayoun (the craziest, fast-talking French woman ever), and a cyborg: Neil Harbisson, who can’t distinguish colour and wears an antenna that he regards as a body part, which helps him to detect colour by sound. He has suggested to the public that we shouldn’t actually wear black to funerals, as it’s the wrong tune. We should wear something like parrot green. All this time we were mistaken!

While during the day people enjoy the art, the night was all about music. The three stages with the most varied line-up of music: from Medina, to Oh Land, to British singer Shura and DJs like Kasper Bjørke who killed the night while everyone danced to his jam.