Fake cops arrested near Tivoli

Two men with pockets bulging with cash accused of cheating foreign tourists

Two men who police claim have Romanian backgrounds were caught impersonating police officers and fleecing foreign tourists for cash over the weekend.

A receptionist at a city centre hotel recognised the con artists and contacted the police.

“A receptionist recognised the men from previous dealings and contacted us,” a Copenhagen Police spokesperson,  Sajjad Haider, told Metroxpress. “We arrested them near Tivoli.”

The men, who are 36 and 52 years old, were found holding cash in different currencies amounting to around 45,000 kroner.

Playing on naiveté
Police say the men took advantage of naive tourists by displaying phoney badges and demanding money or passports for bogus offences.

“Many foreign tourists do not know the rules here, and these men took advantage of that,” said Haider.

Police have received numerous reports of tourists being swindled over the last week.

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The phoney cops have been taken into custody charged with fraud and impersonating public authorities. The crimes are punishable by up to one and a half years in prison. They are scheduled to appear before the court again on September 3.