Government to focus on pharmaceutical field

The medicinal authority Lægemiddelstyrelsen will be re-established

In an effort to benefit the medicinal industry, the Danish government has decided to increase its focus on the pharmaceutical field and will re-establish the medicinal authority, Lægemiddelstyrelsen.

Since 2012 Lægemiddelstyrelsen had been part of the general health authority, Sundhedsstyrelsen, but the government now wants to make the departments that approve clinical medicinal testing and the marketing of new medicine in Denmark independent.

“We have listened to the pharmaceutical industry, which contributes considerably to Danish exports, and have decided that Lægemiddelstyrelsen should be re-established as an independent authority,” said the health minister, Sophie Løhde.

“It’s an authority that can play a more effective role in the European co-operation in the pharmaceutical arena and help attract and retain capable employees who can check the pharma companies and provide them with competent expertise. Because that is what’s needed to keep Denmark at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry in the future.”

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Processing times down
The pharmaceutical industry contributes significantly to the Danish economy. For instance, Danish pharmaceutical companies sold for 6.79 billion kroner in the US alone during this year’s first quarter, which is almost half of the total exports to the US.

Løhde also expects the new Lægemiddelstyrelse will have an impact on the case processing times regarding the approval of medicine.

The new Lægemiddelstyrelse is expected to become a reality at the end of 2015.