Low petrol prices in Denmark set to continue

OPEC dilemmas and Iran deal keeping prices down

Car owners in Denmark have enjoyed lower petrol prices recently and that trend is set to continue for the rest of the year, according to the car owner organisation FDM.

Allan Skytte, a consumer economist with FDM, contended that the disarray of oil at OPEC and the drop of sanctions against Iran have helped push the price down.

“The agreement that Iran made with the world powers ended the sanctions. That means more oil in the market and lower prices,” Skytte told DR Nyheder.

“There isn’t really anyone in the market who can take the lead and increase the price. Usually, OPEC did that, but they can’t agree on a higher price. We can likely expect cheaper prices for the duration of the year.”

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Early birds and nighthawks
At the moment, 95 unleaded petrol in Denmark goes for around 11 kroner per litre, a far cry from the 14 kroner or so it went for a couple years ago.

FDM advises to purchase petrol early in the morning or late at night to enjoy the lowest petrol prices.

Buying at stations near roads entering the bigger cities and staying away from stations on the motorway is another good tip for getting competitive prices.

Go to this link and type in your post code to find the cheapest petrol prices in your area.