Transport Ministry wants explanation of DSB gaffe

DSB mistakenly released customers’ private information

Hans Christian Schmidt, the transport minister, wants DSB to offer up an explanation as to how customers’ private information was accidentally released.

“This is extremely worrying,” wrote the ministry. “Such a thing should not happen, and I am also very surprised that I first heard about the matter this morning.”

Schmidt revealed that he had asked DSB for a thorough report.

According to DSB, personal information belonging to 10,000 DSB Plus customers was accidentally released.

Better protection needed
DSB Plus encourages its customers to provide information about habits like their travel patterns. In return, customers receive benefits like traffic information and kiosk discounts.

The Transport Ministry said that it does not consult with DSB about the product.

“When DSB creates such a product, it is obviously extremely important that DSB and their partners manage to keep customer data protected. It should be safe to use DSB’s products.”

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Schmidt said that DSB should offer up a complete explanation and “make every effort to prevent anything like this happening again”.