Armed suspects arrested in Christiania’s Pusherstreet

Two men in custody and one on the run following drug raid in freetown

The drugs seized (photo: Københavns Politi)

Two people, one in possession of a loaded pistol, have been arrested following a raid on Christiania’s Pusherstreet.

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Copenhagen Police’s Pusherstreet task force conducted the raid during the night between Wednesday and Thursday. There was one open booth selling cannabis and the officers sought to arrest three people.

One on the run
One of the suspects managed to escape capture and is now on the run. Police claim to know his identity from previous involvement in the cannabis trade on Pusherstreet.

Police seized the contents of the booth: 164.8 grams of cannabis, 212.9 grams of skunkweed, 29 grams of hash, 38 joints and a small amount of cash.

The man armed with the pistol was acting as a guard and his role was ostensibly to warn the other suspects of police. Dannie Rise, the head of the taskforce, voiced concern there was talk of a loaded weapon.

“It’s luckily not an everyday occurrence, but it is of course worrying that one of the guards in Pusherstreet is armed with a loaded gun,” he said.