SAS testing new ‘baggage-less’ ticket

‘Go Light’ to be launched in September

Scandinavian Airlines is looking to test a new more affordable ticket that doesn’t include checked-in baggage as part of the price.

The new ticket type, dubbed ‘Go Light’, will be tested for the remainder of 2015 and will be 94 kroner cheaper than SAS’s current budget ticket scheme ‘SAS Go’.

“The market is developing and customers expect to be able to purchase a ticket that cuts to the bone,” Trine Kromann-Mikkelsen, the head of communications for SAS, told

“Everyone is working on a concept like that. KLM and Air France have had it for a while, and Lufthansa has launched one too.”

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Same perks, lower price
If you want to check your baggage in anyway on ‘Go Light’, it will cost an additional 179 kroner and the airline will still serve free tea and coffee, as well as give Eurobonus points to ‘Go Light’ passengers.

Check in 22 hours before flights and 24-hour cancellation rights are also still available on ‘Go Light’ flights.

The ‘Go Light’ ticket, which will be launched for the first time on September 8, will be offered on flights between Scandinavia and Finland, France, Greece, Spain and the Netherlands.