Denmark lagging behind on robotic manufacturing

Three quarters of production companies don’t use automated machines

In contrast to some other countries, where robots perform a large proportion of the manual labour, 76 percent of Danish manufacturing companies don’t use industrial robots. This is the result of a new survey by the Danish technological institute Teknologisk Institut (TI).

Oblivious to possibilities
The survey also showed that more than half of the companies believed that robotic solutions for their particular production processes didn’t exist. But Kurt Nielsen, the head of the centre for robot technology at TI, said the companies were often just oblivious to the possibilities.

“The companies are often mistaken because they don’t know the technological possibilities,” he said.

“Robot technology is developing very quickly and the companies might have overlooked technological possibilities that can improve their productivity and competitiveness.”

Increasing efficiency
TI highlights the case of the furniture manufacturer Aksel Kjersgaard, which recently automated the polishing of its products. Jesper Dahl, the head of production at the company, said he had been concerned that robots couldn’t deliver the standard of work required. However, he claims the Active Contact Flange robotic solution provides an even higher standard of finish.

“We are an old company characterised by craftsmanship and therefore hand polishing, and the final touches have been part of our image,” he said

“But we have grown and our production runs have become bigger, so we are forced to look at increasing efficiency.”