Bornholm not asking for new government jobs

Island says it is more important to hold on to what it has

Bornholm is not going to join the ranks of municipalities sending large wish-lists to the government regarding the public sector jobs it would like to see relocated to the island.

Several members Bornholm Municipality have taken the position that it is more important to keep what they have than to start casting about for new jobs.

“Of course it would be great to have more government jobs over here, but the main priority is to take care of those we already have. Some of them are at risk,” councillor Kirstine van Sabben told DR Nyheder.

“We already have a division of SKAT on Bornholm, so there could be an opportunity to move something else here,” added Søren Schow.

Slow and steady
Bornholm is using the debate about moving jobs to draw attention to the possibility of creating a maritime research centre on the island – a proposal that has previously been sent to the Defence Ministry.

Peter Juel Jensen, the head of parliament’s committee on rural areas and islands, agreed that a specific wish-list was not the best way to ensure jobs for Bornholm’s future.

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“Bornholm’s growth forum works closely with the government to provide input regarding the island’s strengths and opportunities – that’s the way to stay in the running for government jobs.”