Christiania residents put boulder on bike path

The tussle between locals and politicians continues in Copenhagen freetown

Christiania residents have put large stones in a new bike path through their community. Residents said that they placed the stones in the path to keep cyclist speeds down, but many are calling it harassment and vigilantism.

“The municipality has spent a lot of money on a bike path that Copenhagen citizens need, and it’s crazy that they are being urged not to use it,” citizen representative Jakob Næsager told TV2 Lorry.

Næsager is trying to get the stone removed, but it it is property agency Bygningsstyrelsen that controls the land, so the city can not simply get rid of it.

The stone stays
The deputy mayor of technical and environmental issues Morten Kabell, who was against the new bike route, declined to comment and referred questions to Bygningsstyrelsen.

Kristian Lyk Jensen, Bygningsstyrelsen deputy director said that the stone will remain in place for now.

“We see the need to keep speeds down on the bicycle path and are in dialogue with the Christiania fund about reducing the speed,” said Jensen. “We are going to see if the stone works or if there are other, better solutions.”

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Christiania residents believe they have done the city a favour by placing the stone in the path.

Our traffic calming measures have saved the municipality a million kroner,” said spokesperson Knud Foldschack. “We have checked with all of the relavent agencies, and received permission. There is no case here.”

Næsager said he has asked Kabell to have the stone removed.