Fewer charter flights despite poor summer weather

17,000 fewer passengers out of Copenhagen alone

Despite Denmark enduring a rather abysmal summer in terms of weather, the number of charter flights out of Denmark actually fell during this year’s peak season.

In July this year, there were 17,000 fewer charter passengers flying out of Copenhagen compared to the same time last year. In Billund, there were 4,000 fewer, while Aalborg on the other hand enjoyed an increase of 5,000 charter passengers.

“The industry could probably have sold 20,000 more charter trips during the school holidays because the Danes were desperate to get away from the cool weather,” Peder Hornshøj, the head of Bravo Tours, told Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

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Better in August
According to several key persons within the charter sector, the industry didn’t dare hedge its bets on a poor summer and had cut down the number of flights compared to recent years due to over-capacity.

Star Tour were among the charter companies to cut down following poor financial results last year.

“We could have used more seats at the end of July, but overall we are satisfied,” said Gorm Pedersen, the commercial head of Star Tour.

“In August we’ve had better sales than in July, because many people switched their holidays around.”