At Cinemas: Finally Ghandi gets the body he’s been dreaming of

German film the pick of this week’s crop

Tarsem Singh is one of cinema’s most exciting yet frustrating visual artists. With his first film, The Cell (2000), he created a unique, fever-dream spectacle. His second film, The Fall, was a triumph, succeeding where The Cell had failed (namely in its muddled narrative and weak performances).

And this week he returns with Self/Less, in which a dying Ben Kingsley moves his mind into Ryan Reynolds’ body. But sadly, trailers show little evidence of the ocular delights for which the director is renowned and advance word is poor.

Also returning to cinemas this week is the horror hit Sinister. Sinister 2 picks up in the aftermath of the first film with a mother and her twins fleeing to a new house in a rural setting. One would imagine that a demon or two are in tow …

Providing you understand German, or are able read Danish subs (both English and German are spoken), seek out Phoenix – a Hitchcockian thriller set in Berlin following WWII – the reviews have been outstanding. The film concerns a disfigured concentration-camp survivor (Nina Hoss), who is unrecognisable after facial reconstruction surgery searches the post-war ruins for a husband who might have betrayed her to the Nazis.

Southpaw is the latest offering from Training Day director Antoine Fuqua. It follows the exploits of champion boxer Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) who loses everything in the wake of personal tragedy. It is reviewed this week.

Elsewhere, Cinemateket is hosting a slew of recent films from celebrated Filipino filmmakers, such as Brillante Mendoza, Raya Martin and Lav Diaz, who in the last decade have helped to create a golden age of cinema in the Philippines. P-Noise runs from August 25-30. For a full program and Cinemateket’s other screenings, see

Also keep an eye out in the coming months for Grazie Gloria – a rare monthly opportunity to see recent Italian cinema at Gloria Bio with English subtitles. The next screening is Italy in a Day by Gabriele Salvatores – an Italian version of Ridley Scott’s Life In a Day. It screens on September 16. See the full program at