Danish whisky from Jutland in high demand around the globe

Stauning Whisky is favoured by connoisseurs in the US as well as China

Stauning Whisky, produced by a small Danish distillery in the west Jutland town of Stauning, is steadily gaining international recognition.

Acclaimed for its unique flavour, the whisky is particularly popular in the US and China.

Winning international competitions
In 2014, the distillery won a European Championship medal in the category of single malts aged under 12 years old.

However, the traditional whisky-producing nations – Scotland and Ireland – did not participate in the competition.

The same year, the Stauning Young Rye got 96 out of 100 points in the International Review of Spirits Competition in Chicago and was awarded the platinum medal, while the smoked single malt scored second best in its category.

Using Danish barley and rye
Stauning Whisky was founded by nine friends in 2005.

It is the only active Danish whisky distillery using malted Danish barley and malted Danish rye.

The distillery currently produces three types of whisky: traditional whisky made from barley, a smoked version of the barley whiskey and a rare rye whisky.