Police find massive weapons cache in Copenhagen

Over 1,000 weapons and 1.5 tonnes of ammo found

Police in north Zealand uncovered the largest weapons stash in Danish history in a little wooden hut in Birkerød over the weekend. They have arrested a 49-year-old man, the owner of the property where the hut stood.

The stash included over 1,000 weapons and 1.5 tonnes of munitions. A further 70 weapons were found at the house of the mother of the suspect.

“The find is nothing less than historic. We’re talking about a clear Danish record,” Henrik Gunst, an investigator from North Zealand Police, told Frederiksborg Amts Avis newspaper.

“Never before have so many weapons been found at a private address in Denmark, and I don’t think it will happen again.”

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An avid collector
The 49-year-old owner of the house, located on the corner of Sjælsøvej and Kaj Munks Vej at Ravnsnæsset just north of Copenhagen in Birkerød, will initially be held in custody for 13 days.

The police believe the man is a weapons collector as the cache included a number of antique weapons, as well as modern automatic weapons. The man has a permit for some of the weapons.

“I think it’s worrying that a man can move so many weapons into a house without anyone seeing it. It’s a bit frightening actually,” said Gunst.