Dane sets up refugee donation initiative for tiny tax refund

’56 kr. fra Skat’ aims to raise 30 million in a month

The sum of 56 kroner doesn’t sound like much. But when you multiply the amount by 900,000, then suddenly you’re in business.

If you are one of the 900,000 Danes who received a tiny refund from the tax authorities Skat on Tuesday due to an error in employment deductions made between 2004 and 2012, there’s another option to cashing in and letting the good times roll.

Jonas Klitgaard Hansen has set up the donation fund ’56 kr. fra Skat’ (56kr from Skat) where people can donate the piddly amount to a good cause.

“I read a bunch of messages from people who had received ridiculously small amounts from Skat, and no-one needs these pittances,” Hansen told Ekstra Bladet tabloid.

“Many people aren’t even aware they’ve received them, so I thought the small amounts could go to someone who needs it.”

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30 mill in a month
The donation initiative, which was set up with the aid organisation Dansk Flygtningehjælp on Wednesday, aims to raise 30 million kroner by September 19 and has already raised over 230,000 kroner in two days.

“I received 56 kroner: a useless amount that went into my account. The amount means nothing to me or to you. But thousands and thousands of people are fleeing war-torn countries at the moment. These are the people who need our ’56 kroner’,” Hansen wrote on the donation site.