A record year in sight for several Danish attractions

Theme parks, wildlife parks and zoos attracting large numbers of summer visitors

Tivoli and several other major Danish attractions have enjoyed a recordbreaking summer thus far.

“The summer weather has been perfect for us,” Tivoli spokesperson Torben Plank told DR Nyheder.

“It was not so hot that people chose the beach or cold enough that people decided to stay home.”

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Tivoli was Denmark’s most visited attraction. This year’s mid-summer numbers are higher than in 2014, which was a record year for the amusement park.

The lower summer temperatures, especially in July, also helped to push up visitor numbers at parks like Bakken and Legoland, which finished in second and third place respectively.

Long cool summer
Djurs Summerland has seen well over 10 percent more guests than last year.

“It has been excellent themepark weather, and we have launched ten new rides,” said Djurs Summerlad head Henrik B Nielsen.

Nielsen said if the numbers hold up, the park will have a record year.

And the summer boost has also helped Copenhagen Zoo make up the ground it lost during a cold spring, especially over Easter.

Den Blå Planet a little blue
However, it was not all good news.
Den Blå Planet in Copenhagen, has seen a levelling off in the number of visitors since its opening year of 2013.

“It is quite natural that we drop off slightly compared to our opening season,” said Den Blå Planet communications head Tony Jørgensen.