Cue the Eurythmics …

Here comes the … never mind, you get it

Those who have basked in the past week or so of amazing summer weather will be sad to hear that, well, it’s over.

“The beautiful summer weather is over,” confirmed Frank Nielsen, a meteorologist at DMI.

“The weather will be fickle over the next week, with the only guarantee being that it will be cooler. Typically, it will be about 20 degrees, cloudy and rainy.”

Nielsen said there could be large regional differences in the weather, with some regions seeing clouds and rain while the sun shines elsewhere.

“It’s not that it’s going to rain all the time,” said Nielsen. “There will also be some sun, but it is hard to predict where and when. It’s a day-to-day thing.”

Head to the island
Bornholm, for example, looks set to live up to its nickname as the Sunshine Island for most of the week.

While there are no predictions for heavy showers, DMI said that as much as 10-20 millimetres of rain could fall over a short several-hour period when the rain does come.