Danish government wants improved relations with Russia

Kristian Jensen agrees to sit down with Sergey Lavrov

Frosty relations between Denmark and Russia could thaw in the near future as the foreign minister, Kristian Jensen, has admitted the government is keen on taking a more positive approach.

Jensen has agreed to a Russian proposal for a top meeting between the two nations’ foreign ministers.

“The direct dialogue has been frozen in its tracks in terms of meetings on various levels,” Jensen told Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

“But to tell them what we think, we must get them into a room where they can listen to us, so it’s my intention to re-establish an active dialogue with Russia.”

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Lidegaard warning
Jensen said he would discuss a number of issues with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, including issues pertaining to the Arctic region, Russia’s actions in Ukraine and towards the Baltic nations, and Russian fighters entering Danish airspace.

Jensen’s remarks have attracted criticism from the former foreign minister, Martin Lidegaard, who was vocal in his support of sanctions against Russia during his tenure.

“The more ministers from the EU who try to buddy up to Moscow, the more the impression is made that individually, nations want good relations with Russia despite EU’s tough policies,” Lidegaard warned.

“If we don’t stick together in the EU, Putin wins a huge victory.”