Søstrene Grene planning to open hundreds of new stores

Aarhus-based chain growing worldwide

Retail chain Søstrene Grene is earning more than ever on its eclectic collection of art supplies, beauty items, snack foods, spices and occasional furniture.

SG Holding, the company behind the shops has posted record profits of 34.5 million kroner in financial year 2015, 53 percent more than 2014’s 22.5 million kroner.

During 2015, the company has opened 20 new stores in Denmark.

“We are very pleased with this year’s results,” Søstrene Grene head Mikkel Grene told Jyllands-Posten. “It shows our customers are responding to our efforts to create a unique experience.”

Worldwide success
This autumn, the company will hit 100 stores spread across countries like Norway, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Japan and Denmark. Revenue in the fast-growing retail chain is expected to top one billion kroner in the coming year.

Grene said that the company plans to expand into Germany, where he believes there is room for over 200 stores.

The company’s recent expansion from small knick-knacks to include furniture has been a major success. Over 200 people waited outside the company’s Aarhus store when this year’s fall line was introduced.

New markets on tap
Grene said that the company’s social media presence has been a major part of its success.

“Facebook and Instagram are extremely important platforms for us and will continue to be so in the future,” said Grene.

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Grene said he is in negotiations with franchisees in three new countries whose names he chose not to reveal at this time.