First methanol pump in Europe opens in Aalborg

Test project aims to shed light on new technology

At first glance, the OK petrol station located on Hobrovej near City Syd in Aalborg doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary. But actually it is quite unique indeed.

The station is the first in Europe to offer a pump for methanol fuel and is part of a test project that is sponsored by the national energy authorities Energistyrelsen, pump producer Hamag and fuel cell manufacturer Serenergy, as well as OK.

“It’s a demonstration project to show what is possible with new technology,” Jørgen Wisborg, the head of OK, told DR Nyheder.

“You can use the existing infrastructure and the pumping stations already here. You have the same range as cars with traditional fuel types and pumping is simple, efficient and short.”

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No particle emissions
A methanol-fuelled car is a modern hybrid car which runs on green methanol which is transformed into electricity in a fuel cell without emitting particles.

Methanol fuel is produced in a more climate-friendly manner using biomass and waste and Wisborg contends that its has more benefits compared to other alternative fuels such as gas and hydrogen.