Frederikshavn harbour expansion could lead to ship load of jobs

Project expected to generate some 2,000 jobs by 2020

The planned 571-million kroner expansion of the harbour in Frederikshavn is expected to lead to a significant number of new jobs in the north-Jutland city.

According to Frederikshavn harbour master Mikkel Sørensen, the largest expansion plan in the city’s history will not only benefit the city, but the entire region.

“Our harbour is moving from the second division to the top league,” Sørensen told DR Nyheder. “This means a lot to the maritime business sector in the municipality. It gives us more options, such as within scrap recycling and tourism.”

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Finished in 2017
The municipality estimates that the expansion, led by contractor Per Aarsleff A/S and due to be completed in 2017, could bring in 2,000 new jobs across northern Jutland by 2020.

“People commute from Aalborg and Hjørring and folks from Frederikshavn commute out. The labour force is mobile in north Jutland, as we’ve seen documented in other sectors,” said Birgit Hansen, the mayor of Frederikshavn Municipality.