At Cinemas: Pixar’s latest Perisher pleaser is here

But make sure you don’t end up at a dubbed version!

Providing your Danish is in good nick, there’s no shortage of releases this week. Sommeren ’92, detailing the national team’s incredible European Championship win, looks set to be the big earner. For the rest of you, it’s slim pickings.

The week’s big release is Pixar’s Inside Out (Inderste Ind) and despite all the theatres showing the film dubbed in Danish – “Vi taler dansk!” – certain cinemas, such as Palads and CinemaxX, will be screening the film in its original English (check The film concerns a young girl uprooted to a new life in San Francisco and her emotions – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness – are all characters inside her brain disagreeing on how best to navigate her life. The film currently has a 94 percent rating on Metacritic.

Also out this week is Saint Laurent which, despite sequences in English, will be for the most part in French and subtitled in Danish. Not to be confused with the officially endorsed Yves Saint Laurent in cinemas last year, this film concentrates on the French fashion god at the height of his influence during the period 1967-76. The film is reviewed this week.

Finally there is Agent 47, which is very loosely based on the Hitman series of video games. Despite being an elite assassin, Agent 47 is hardly killing it with the critics. The film has a 29 percent rating on Metacritic.

Over at Cinemateket they’re unveiling a newly restored print of Roman Polanski’s 1979 masterpiece Tess. An adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s novel Tess of the d’Urbervilles – the story of a poor girl who finds she has noble connections, but with that knowledge comes a terrible price. Nastassja Kinski is unforgettable in the role. Polanski had intended the role for his wife Sharon Tate before her tragic death.

On Sunday at 14:15, Cinemateket’s Danish on a Sunday series shows Submarino (with English subs), Thomas Vinterberg’s adaptation of Jonas T Bengtsson’s novel set in Copehagen’s dark underbelly. Tickets are 75-100 kroner and an extra 40kr will get you coffee and a pastry. For full listings see (MW)