Worshipping at the Temple, Palace, Salon, Studio and Exchange

No small art deal is awaiting Copenhagen in September. TRUST is a one-of-a-kind project that will connect Copenhagen’s five central art venues in one overreaching exhibition.

The exhibition will reflect on two difficult but fascinating relationships: the one of trust between people, and the one between artists and institutions.

By addressing them from different perspectives and in various settings, the Belgian curator Sonia Dermience from Belgium has created a challenging and amazingly interesting exhibition that features Danish as well as international artists.

For the purpose of the exhibition, new temporary names will be given to the participating venues.

The venues are: The Palace (Kunsthal Charlottenborg) which shows art that uses materials from the world around us; The Salon (GL Strand), which reflects upon dysfunctional family life; The Temple (Nikolaj Kunsthal), which gives an insight into contemporary places of worship; The Exchange (Ovengaden Contemporary Art Centre), which shows a mix of videos, prints and performances that shed light on the exchange of artistic practices; and finally The Studio (Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art), which will give room to installations that reflect on the process of making art.

The exhibition will also include satellite venues around the city where artists will perform, including ones in a pizzeria, radio station, cinema and boutique.

Nobody into art should miss out on this one!

Aug 28-Oct 25; check the venues for opening hours; copenhagenartfestival2015.dk