Budget cuts to result in 125 job losses at Zealand hospitals

The region of Zealand has undertaken to cut 165 million kroner from its 2016 budget, which will result in 125 job losses for hospital staff.

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In addition to the lay-offs, a further 250 positions will disappear when a number of contracts are not renewed.

Jens Stenbæk, the head of Region Sjælland, said that it was a difficult situation with no simple solutions.

“We have received a solid and thought-through plan from the regional municipality that will make the savings as gentle and sensible as possible,” he said.

“But we will have to lay off employees and that will of course hurt.”

Patients could feel cuts
Stenbæk could not guarantee that the cuts wouldn’t affect patients as well as staff.

“I hope that by restructuring and improving efficiency we can deliver the same level of service to patients,” he said.

“But we can’t rule out that in the transition period there will be longer waiting times for treatment in some areas, and that the care and service to our patients won’t be exactly the same.”

One of the reasons for the cuts is the rising cost of medication being incurred by the region. It is expected that drugs will account for an extra bill of 335 million kroner next year.