New urban space planned next to Marble Church Metro station

Project intended to give back to Copenhageners

Copenhageners may be getting tired of the Metro construction work currently disrupting life in the city.

But as well as a more convenient public transport system, the property portfolio company Realdania has announced another reason why the project will be worth the wait.

There will be a new recreational urban space created in conjunction with the Metro station in front of the iconic Marble Church (Marmorkirken) in the city centre.

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The area is intended to provide a place for people to spend time among the impressive surroundings of the city’s historical centre, a stone’s throw away from the royal palaces at Amalienborg, and create more life in the city centre.

Nordic granite and limestone, the same materials used in the neighbouring church, will be used for paving the forecourt.

According to Morten Kabell, the deputy mayor for technical and environmental affairs, the purpose of the project is to give something back to Copenhageners.

“When we develop Copenhagen we do so with the city’s inhabitants in mind,” he said.

“We therefore seek to give the city back to Copenhageners by creating urban spaces that invite people to inhabit and use the city. The future forecourt to the Metro at the Marble Church will be a good example of how we can properly use space in the city.”