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Fabulous Florentine fare in the heart of Frederiksberg

An evening at Fabio’s is just like the one in Tuscany


After an evening at Fabio’s I was left with so much praise for Frederiksberg’s most romantic little secret that I actually found it hard to put it into words.

Walking past Fabio’s pizzeria where we could see one of the chefs making fresh pasta in a traditional fashion through the window, and through the little arch between it and Fabio’s a la cart restaurant, we came to the cosy outside terrace. Here we entirely forgot that we were in fact in one of Europe’s most northern countries, rather than some pocket of Tuscany.

After spending many happy days under the Italian sun as a child, I thought I was fully accustomed with the country’s cuisine. But clearly I had forgotten a lot as an evening at Fabio’s brought back many memories and enriched my awareness of what it really means to eat like an Italian.


Warmth of the Med
Being welcomed by Fabio and his wife Christine was like being given a familial hug by the warmth of a Mediterranean evening filled with promises of laughter, savor and endless romance.

The freshly-baked bread, served as my partner and I were looking through the menu with all the curiosity and delight a well-written novel can conjure, was so good that I would have been content enough to consider it a meal in itself. I was thus faced with the classic struggle of trying not to eat too much of it so as not to compromise my appetite.

It was a jolly good job I succeeded, for the antipasto ‘Fabio’s temptations’ has a selection of homemade appetisers, including homemade eggplant pie and carpaccio with a parmesan crisp, which are out of this world!


Top cellar
Thankfully we got a chance for a little digestive walk in the form of a tour of the old wine cellar before the next course of pasta.

Intrigue turned into amazement as I have never seen a wine cellar quite like it. Amongst the crates and walls aligned with bottles of liquid treasure, it is possible to book a limited number of tables for a romantic candle light dinner.

No wonder an array of celebrities including Russel Crowe, Tom Jones, Miley Cyrus and even Gordon Ramsay himself are part of Fabio’s hall of fame. It is difficult to rival the charm of this establishment!

Pasta perfection
Given a last night on earth scenario, I would have to opt for the Tagliatelle ai Funghi Porcini. The tagliatelle ribbon pasta with mixed mushrooms, truffle cream and freshly grated parmesan is one of the main reasons I will be revisiting Fabio’s in the near future, especially when harmoniously paired with the rich texture and fine nuances of the Barolo della casa.

I experienced a little heartbreak when I realised my stomach simply wasn’t large enough to go ahead with Fabio’s famous meat course, but I found consolidation that there is always room for dessert.

The fresh vanilla of the panna cotta and the magical combination of the tiramisu’s Italian coffee liqueur and mascarpone cream topped with a surprising shot of Sgroppino – lemon sorbet with prosecco and vodka – indulged our senses beyond previously known limits.


Nothing but the best
However, just as we thought perfection had reached its ultimate conclusion, Fabio and Christine managed to prove us wrong with a post-meal lively conversation, during which we got to hear a funny anecdote about the time Christine’s mother-in-law had to look after the couple’s dogs.

“I thought you said they liked mozzarella?! I can’t get them to eat it!” she told them. “Ah yes, but was it Mozzarella di buffalo you gave them? They won’t stand for anything else!”

If there is one thing I find beautiful it is seeing someone take pride in their work and filling even the smallest aspect of it with utmost passion. The warmth, quality and love with which Fabio and Christine have built their restaurant single-handedly is what makes this dining experience truly enriching.

It cannot be missed!