Municipalities gain access to billions in development funds

Some 500 projects expected to be launched next year

The social and internal affairs minister, Karen Ellemann, has revealed that 57 of the country’s 98 municipalities in Denmark qualify for a loan of 1.5 billion kroner for development next year.

Whether it is for a new school, better roads, a modern library or hospital, the funds are expected to help launch close to 500 projects around Denmark.

“The loan will have a specific positive affect for people in the municipalities,” said Ellemann. “They’ll have better schools and roads and more modern libraries and elderly homes.”

“It’s good because it’s welfare that can be seen and felt. Several of the projects will lead to future savings being made and the generation of local jobs for municipalities who face financial and demographic challenges.”

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Four key areas
The loan slush fund for 2016 consists of four central pools.

– 600 million kroner has been set aside for larger structural investments and includes the establishment or renovation of anything from public schools and elderly homes to culture houses and sports facilities.

– 500 million kroner has been set aside to strengthen the liquidity of the most vulnerable municipalities in Denmark.

– 200 million kroner has been earmarked for standard construction projects such as the renovation of buildings, city areas, infrastructure and traffic safety.

– A final 200 million kroner has been set aside for specific projects designed to make things run more efficiently.