Dismantling and excavation of medieval church reaches final stage

The removal of Mårup church in northern Jutland will provide some unique insights

Next week work will begin on the final phase of a project with cultural and historic significance: the dismantling of the medieval Mårup church on the west coast of northern Jutland.

Since 2008, the culture agency Kulturstyrelsen and the national museum Nationalmuseet have overseen the project of painstakingly taking apart the building and recording the process for archeological purposes.

Unique opportunity
According to Thomas Bertelsen, the head of the Danish churches project at Nationalmuseet, the project is a unique opportunity.

“There’s no doubt that it is the first and probably the only opportunity our generation will have to examine a medieval church building stone for stone,” he said.

“The work to remove the final vestiges of the choir, which is the holiest part of the church, involves several exciting projects. We will examine the altar and we will uncover a door that hides frescoes.”

After the last of the buildings has been removed, the archaeologists will begin excavating the foundations.

Anyone interested in the project can attend a free guided tour of the site on Wednesday September 9 and Wednesday September 16 at 5pm. It will also be possible to attend a free 15-minute tour from Monday to Thursday at 1pm, starting on September 21 and for the following three weeks.