Over half of Danes choosing not to post photos of their kids on Facebook

Poll says that potential abuse is frightening them away

A majority of parents responding to a poll conducted by YouGov for Metroxpress claim they are opting out of posting pictures of their children on Facebook.

Per Larsen, the head of children’s council Børnerådet, believes they are making the right choice.

There are many who post photos of their children,” Larsen told Metroxpress. “This could lead to children facing problems later on and open them up to bullying.”

Larsen said that pictures posted on social media can spread throughout the world in an instant and can be abused.

One mother still says ‘yes’
Blogger Mascha Vang is a mother that shares her daughter’s photos on social media.

Like most parents, I can’t help sharing happy and funny moments with my child,” said Vang.

“I could choose to keep her totally secret and not mention her in my blog or social media – but I have not chosen to do that.”

Vang’s blogs and assorted sites attract two million visitors a month.

I do not feel that I am exploiting my daughter, but rather, I am sharing her joy,” she said. “I consider every image I post carefully.”

Vang attracted media attention this summer after posting a picture of her daughter in a bikini.

I am not gonna wrap my daughter in a burqa simply because there are nasty people out there,” she said.