Bits and Pieces

From festival volunteer to headliner

Lund Comedy Festival is back with another strong line-up of stand-up comedians, which this year includes two English-language performers.

Returning again is British comedian Bill Bailey (Sat 21:15), a regular on Stephen Fry’s quiz show IQ whose surreal observations and musical interludes have made him a crowd favourite all over Europe.

And joining him is Canadian performer Steven Karwoski, a former Weekly Post columnist (Our Man in Malmö) who for many years has been active amongst the CTC.

Karwoski’s inclusion is rather unusual because he is actually an ex-volunteer who since being turned down to perform in 2013 has been working behind the scenes, assisting the likes of Bailey.

“I figured I had two options: remain bitter and angry, or get over myself,” he recalled, and two years later, his opportunity under the spotlight duly arrived.
In his 50-minute show ‘Bits and Pieces’, Karwoski explains how he became known as ‘TigerMan Steve’ to children in Belfast, how he got through the harsh and comic truths of the US education system, and what makes a man weak on his knees when he spends a date in a cemetery.

Make no mistake, Karwoski is no stranger to the boards, having previously excelled in both Canada and the US. “Karwoski’s sincerity and charm won us over,” chimed the San Francisco Bay Guardian after one such show.