Elvis Presley’s heirs demanding that Danish Graceland changes its name

The beneficiaries of The King’s legacy are suing the Randers location for trademark violation

Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) is suing Henrik Knudsen, the owner of Graceland Randers, for infringement of the trademark ‘Graceland’.

EPE, which manages the assets of the American rock ‘n’ roll icon, has demanded an immediate name change and 1.5 million kroner as a compensation.

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And this week it won round one when the Danish Patent and Trademark Office found in its favour. However, Knudsen immediately appealed the decision to the Maritime and Commercial High Court in Copenhagen.

Feeling resentful
Knudsen admits feeling ‘resentful’ but believes the case will not affect the existence of his memorial museum in Randers.

“This case is ‘just’ about the name, not about our entire business,” Knudsen told DR.

“However, almost ten years ago I got a registration at the Trademark Office, so I think it is very strange that it could have been challenged today.”

Replica of Presley’s home
Graceland Randers is a replica of Presley’s home in Memphis, USA.

It opened in April 2011 and includes a museum, an American diner, banquet facilities and a souvenir shop.