Metro City Ring facing new delays

Site at the Marble Church continues to be a challenge

The ongoing construction of the Metro City Ring is facing further delays at seven of its sites, according to an interim report from the Transport and Building Ministry.

Most significantly, there are problems with the City Ring site at the marble church Marmorkirken, which is serious as it would further delay the opening of the City Ring.

“The work processes in the upper part of the station have taken longer than expected,” the report reads according to Politiken newspaper. “If the subsequent work isn’t completed earlier than scheduled, then there is a risk the station will delay the project.”

The report conveys that the lead contractor CMT has launched recovery plans for the seven delayed sites to ensure that “the overall time plan wouldn’t be affected.”

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Marble Church issues
The site at Marmorkirken has been a constant thorn in the side of Metroselskabet – the company building the Metro – because of the close proximity of the site to the buildings that surround it and the required foundation support needed for Marmorkirken.

Guy Taylor, the project director of Metroselskabet, said the challenges mean he can’t guarantee that the City Ring will be ready by July 2019. The trouble at Marmorkirken could lead to a 10-week delay.

“We are working extremely hard to get there, but there are a number of challenges that we must juggle at the moment and in the future,” Taylor told Politiken.

“There are no guarantees in this industry, but we are hopeful and optimistic about delivering on time.”