Rockwool unveils half-billion-kroner factory in northern Jutland

Insulation manufacturer going against the tide of outsourcing

Yesterday, the insulation giant Rockwool unveiled its newly-renovated production facilities in northern Jutland, the result of a half-billion kroner investment, securing 150 jobs at its factory in Øster Doense near Hobro.

Thomas Kähler, the head of Rockwool Scandinavia, said it was a conscious strategy to focus on Danish production at a time when other companies are moving production jobs out of the country.

“Production in Denmark is important because we get quick access to trying out new ideas,” he said. “Danish employees are very good at contributing to the innovation process, which includes challenging the existing way of doing things.”

“With this investment we will kill three birds with one stone. We will strengthen our position in the market with even better quality and greater capacity. We will secure Danish jobs. And we will maintain a sustainable production model close to the market – so we avoid resource-consuming transport of our products.”

The company employs 11,000 people in 35 countries and had a turnover of 16.3 billion kroner in 2014.