New pharmacies set to open across the country

New legislation allows pharmacists to open extra branches

Those in the big cities may be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a pharmacy, but outside the major metropolises, the characteristic green crosses are fewer and further between. However, in the coming months more Danes will have a dispensary on their doorstep, as 52 new pharmacies are set to open across the country, Politiken reports.

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New rules
New legislation came into force on July 1, according to which licenced pharmacists can own up to seven shops within a radius of 75 kilometres from the principal location and, according to Anne Kahns, the head of the pharmacist union Danmarks Apotekerforening, many are taking advantage of the change.

“I’m pleased to see that pharmacists are working fast with the new possibilities for giving people even better service,” she said.

The news was also greeted positively by the patient organisation Patientforeningen.

“It is an advantage for patients that there will be shorter distances between them,” Anette Ulstrup, the head of the organisation, said.

“Especially for people with mobility difficulties. We often hear from patients who have trouble collecting their medicine, so the shorter the distances, the better.”